Mariama Mounir Petrolawicz’s Little Secret of being Relaxed in the Morning.

Meditation and Yoga lovers here is few simple step to boost your energy at anytime of the day. In just one simple way. First thing when I wake up in the morning, I like to first be grateful to god for every single thing in my life. Then I find my way to my armchair with my computer in front of me, I choose a relaxing music from youtube, I usually choose a relaxing song with piano or relaxing song,where I am being guided by someone to help me relax. Then I get myself in pretty comfortable and relaxing position still on my armchair.

First thing I do is take  few deep breaths until I feel my body and mind relax. Sometimes it takes me 2-3 deep breaths. Then I close my eyes and continued to relax , then take an other deep breath. While I am relaxing I put all my focus on my breathing and clear out my mind from anything else that is going  on in my life without forcing myself. but of course it took me some time to learn how to completely relax and clear my mind. Once you focus and try this technique more then once, you will find yourself doing it naturally. So at this point I find myself Deeply relax, and  think of how I will like my day to look like, I think about positivity and everything that make me happy at least for a good 2 minutes, then I  take another few deep breath and open my eyes. At this point I feel wonderful, great and energized. Then I ask God for a wonderful and successful day. This technique automatically boost my energy. I really  wish I knew this technique earlier in my life for self discipline, but hey! now I know what to do, to stay relax and calm before I star my day. After my relaxation I like to take  a good bath or shower and drink one of my favorite tea, the Chamomile tea, to continued relaxing me, and go for my daily activities.

Remember there is always few different techniques so I will recommend  you to google relaxations tips and see what technique will work best for you, or simply fallow mine. Just remember every time you feel a bit tense or stress, take a few deep breaths and  it will help you relax at least for that moment. Please read bellow, I have share with you my bath relaxation secret, maybe you like it too and will want to try it!!!

Have a blessing and relaxing day!!!

Mariama Mounir Petrolawicz

Mariama little relaxation bath secret:) keep it for yourself!!! Cheers!!!

Garden of Flowers relaxing Bath Bag

This bath was created for the flower gardener in all of us. There’s nothing quite like bathing in a tub of floral fragrance. This is soothing to the psyche as well as the skin

1  9-by 9 inch of muslin or cheesecloth, or toe of a nylon stocking

2  Tablespoons calendula blossoms

2  Tablespoons chamomile flowers

2  Tablespoons lavender buds

2  Tablespoons rose petals (or, in place of the these flowers, blossoms, and buds, use 4 tablespoons fresh lavender buds or rose


1  Tablespoons ground oatmeal or sunflower seed meal

10  Drop Roman chamomile or 5 drops lavender and 5 drops rose otto essential oil string or yarn

Place dry ingredients in the center of the cloth or the toe of the stocking. Add essential oil to the mix. Gather the material into a loose pouch and tie with a string or yarn long enough to hang from the hot water tap in the tub (the running water will flow through the bag). Tight container, and for maximum freshness and potency, please use within 6 month. (note) if you making extra bags to store, use only dried flowers. ( the fresh version will mold.) Application tips: After hanging the bag and filling the tub, untie the bag and let it float in the water. As you relax in the tub for 20 to 30 minutes, gently rub your entire body with the bag. Discard the bag when finished. This bath  is great for all skin types, especially sensitive skin.

Use: As desired

Fallow with: Moisturizer Prep time: Approximately 15 minutes ( if meal is ground ahead of time)

Store in: Zip-seal plastic bag, plastic or glass jar, or tin( if making several bags at once)

Yield: 1 treatment

To learn how to make other skin treatments visit my skin and tips page on Sunrise In Africa Blog.

I am so grateful to learn all this secret recipes from great  organic body care books!!!!

We live and we learn hope this recipes that I just share with you, will help you relax and enjoy your life each time you try it…

All Right Reserved To Mariama Mounir Petrolawicz.

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