In this picture Tori and Betsi Burak the creators of the Luv My Woobie ® blanket line 

It’s the Holiday seasons perfect moment to do something good, specially when is touching children lives. Buy one Woobie Blanket for the price of two and help a child in

The  Woobie Blanket are  high-end baby blankets with a built in pocket, inspired by the birth of Betsi’s daughter/Tori’s niece, Samantha.  The blankets are available in chenille, silk brocade, cotton, and organic bamboo fleece solids and prints.  What sets our blanket apart is the patented pocket.  They are made in the USA, lead-free, hypoallergenic, and constructed to outlast your washing machine.  (Let’s face it, these blankets will get dirty a lot!) that’s why is amazingly made! put it to your wish list!

ADF T-Shirts and Totes

African Diplomatic Forum 2011 

To commemorate the 2011 African Diplomatic Forum (, we commissioned the King’s Limited to create a unique T-shirt and Tote design. The design is an image of dialogue on Africa, with two call-outs meeting to form the map of Africa. Proceeds from sales go towards supporting African Economic Forum 2012, and 10 percent of all profits will go to a specific charity.

Shirts are printed on high quality American Apparel shirts. They are fitted sizes for both men and women, and women’s sizes are a female body cut.

You can purchase shirts and totes below or here:

  1. It’s so refreshing to see young africans making a difference.I love this blog. Thank you for promoting African beauty and culture. I wish you many success and keep up the good work.
    Love you sister!!
    Tigui Camara

  2. Hot African women, damn!!!! love it..


  3. Grainne Gillespie

    December 12, 2010

    You forgot to mention Waris Dirie, I’m not sure if she’s still modelling, but she’s beautiful

    • Thank you so much Grainne Gillespie, I will add her to the list as soon as possible, ooh my God she is amazing and beautiful. Thank you so much for your suggestion, I always welcome suggestion! you are the best!Thank you

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