Meet African Chef  Marcus Samuelsson

Restaurant: Red Rooster Harlem

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Award-winning chef and cookbook author Marcus Samuelsson is originally from Ethiopia East Africa. Marcus was the youngest chef to ever receive two three-star ratings from The New York Times while at Aquavit as Executive Chef. In 2010 Marcus was the winner of Top Chef Masters Season 2 and also served as the guest chef for the first State Dinner of the Obama administration. A resident of Harlem, Chef Samuelsson has long wanted to open a restaurant that would have a positive impact on the neighborhood’s culinary landscape and its community at-large.

In his series Marcus’ Kitchen, acclaimed chef Marcus Samuelsson shares dozens of recipes that prove “American” cuisine is really a delicious melting pot that draws upon flavors from all over the world.

Chef Marcus Samuelsson

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About African Food

Special African Food


Rooibos Tea

What is Rooibos Tea?

For centuries,  African people have been drinking this tea prepared from the leaves of Rooibos that belong to the legume family of plants. The broom-like plant is grown  in West Cape Province of South Africa. Unlike greenand oolong tea that come from Camellia plants, Rooibos is produced from a different plant, the Aspalathus Linearis. The Rooibos leaves are oxidised, similar to how traditional teas are processed, to obtain the distinct reddish colour and enhance its nutty flavour. The South African people drink it with milk and sugar and is sometimes used in cooking sauces and other dishes. It has been traditionally used to treat asthma, allergies and other dermatological problems.
Tannin is what makes black tea bitter. Rooibos is very safe to drink with no side effects whatsoever that in fact, it can be given to infants to cure colic. This is definitely a drink that is good for you and a great treatment to solve skin problems. Suggested drinking of Rooibos is at least 3 cups a day to obtain its maximum benefits. So drink up and enhance your skin’s natural beauty.

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