Africaine Blog is a place where you can learn everything about Africa and friends of Africa in just one stop. From fashion, tradition, event, philanthropy and more. Africaine Blog was created by a West African from Guinea Conakry, Mariama Mounir Camara Petrolawicz founder of Girls To The Maxx-There Is No Limit Foundation to promote the continent. About Mariama Mounir Camara Petrolawicz

on this Blog Mariama Mounir Camara Petrolawicz

Shared with the readers some of her secrets  from Fashion, Beauty, Food, Restaurants, Social Issues, Etiquette , Relationship, Green Living, Yoga, Relaxation and more.

Stay tuned with Mariama and her team blog updates, as you may already know Mariama is always full of surprises. She is a Girl To The Maxx, and There Is No Limit To What She Can Achieve!

Mariama Mounir Petrolawicz Letter to Africaine Blog Readers

After living almost half of my life overseas and learning about other cultures  I looked back  at my continent and I wanted to give back and highlight people, their skills, the tradition and the evolution  of Africa and Africans.  Some Western people may not be aware of a lot of things that Africa posses . There are  lots of Africans who are doing great things and don’t have the opportunity to showcase their works and talents, I always believe that hard work need to be recognized.  On this blog you will not only  learn about Africa, you will also learn about it’s people. Africans has been doing terrific work  and it feels  good to see the brothers and sisters growing and making a difference in the continent. One of my favorite things to do is read in order to discover new things, I love to write, create new things and why not do so for my continent. I think that this is  time for Africa to rise and keep on rising. I hope you will find some great contents on my blog, remember I am always open for suggestion, and together we can make it happen.

Best Regards,

Mariama Mounir Camara/Petrolawicz

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  1. Love what you about and what you do!
    great job!

  2. Well done Mariama, love your blog

  3. Wooow I love this blog! great job Mariama

  4. well done!

  5. love it!


  6. Juka ceesay

    October 27, 2011

    love it guys great job!


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