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Table Maners

Everyone love good food, and I even think one of the most important thing in human being life is Food, clean water, good health, education,independence and happiness. We all want to go to great places to eat good food,we work hard to make a living so we also deserve sometime to enjoy it!!!. Definitely going to a great place with ourself or love one is a wonderful thing to do. But going to  wonderful places is not all, wonderful places required class and good behavior, what I mean by that is dressing properly and eating properly the wonderful food you been craving for. I know most of us already know the table etiquette but let’s not assume everyone knows, it took me time myself to fully understand and still I am learning how to use it better, there is always room for improvement, so why not improve our eating habit.


Here is some basic and Important table manners that everyone must know. While you are in at a dinner table, you must know what fork to use when or the proper side to serve on and more…It is very important to brush up our manners, so we could always feel comfortable to dine anytime and anywhere. Once you get on the dinner table the first thing you need to do when you sit down at the table it’s  to put your napkin on your lap, just in case you drop food, it doesn’t end up on your clothes. So now you know your first step to start your dinner !!! make sure “NAPKIN GOES ON YOUR LAP” and please if you are an adult don’t tuck your napkin in the collar of your shirt, if you ever thinking about doing this, well do it when no one is around…..:)

What ever you maybe doing make sure take to your elbows off the table. While you eating your elbows should not be on the table. n: 1 your Elbows take up space and could also knock things over the table.


“CLOSE YOUR MOUTH WHEN IT’S FULL” It always best to  chew with your mouth closed & no talking while your  mouth is full of food. Closing your mouth while chewing will help you  from spitting your food, and also from making noise while you eating.

Please don’t use your ” FINGERS” Unless your eating finger food, your fingers should not touch your food, use your fork  or knife eat and if you trying to pick some conner food on your plat ad can’t pick it up with your fork or knife, then just forget about it:) do not lick your fingers, or wipe them on your clothes. Use the napkin, thats what it’s for.

Also remember t always Sit up straight, Don’t slouch down closer to your plate. You’re dining not hovering over a trough. Sit up straight and bring the food to your mouth, not your mouth to your plate. Leaning slightly in so your eating over your plate is encouraged, but your face should never be next to your plate.

OUUUUUUUUUUF We getting there don’t we? now let’s talk about the different type of wine glasses:)

Name and Type of wine Glasses

Just as different wines have varying flavors, the glass you serve that wine in should be shaped to enhance the best qualities of the wine. Choosing the proper glass for your wine will make your drinking experience more enjoyable. Keep a set of each of these glasses on hand to be prepared to serve any type of wine.

      Red wine Glass.Red wine glasses have a characteristic large, wide bowl, especially compared to other wine glass types. Their larger size lets the drinker put his nose inside the glass to Savor the aroma of the wine before tasting it. Use these glasses for serving red wines.

  • White Wine Glass
  • White wine glass
  • Smaller than red wine glasses, they also feature straighter sides, giving white wine glasses a U-shape. The shape of the glass helps to keep chilled white wines cooler longer, while its sides direct the stream of wine to the sides of the tongue so the drinker can experience the crisp flavors of white wine
  • Serving champagne or other sparkling wine in wide glasses degrades the quality of the drink quickly by causing the bubbles to dissipate. Flutes have narrow sides and a small opening at the top to keep the bubbles in the wine as long as possible by reducing the surface area of wine exposed to the air.
  • These smallest of wine glasses are designed to allow for a smidgen of sweetness after dinner without overwhelming the drinker with a sugary wine. The tiny size of these glasses also makes them an ideal choice for stronger fortified wines,
  •  such as port or sherry.

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