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Posted on December 3, 2011


Eating Well

Arty  Dozortsev teaching Mariama Mounir Camara Petrolawicz How to cook a Shabu Shabu!!!

I love food, and I think healthy eating is always best, I am not really a big fan of meat. But I must  say that I really enjoyed the Shabu Shabu , is very simple and easy to make, tasty and healthy(just meat and vegetable) To be honest with you I’am not the kind of woman who like to cook all the time, what I really love is learning great recipes from friends and chef  and share with you.! I create this page specially for you to discover great food by great chefs. Check  out  the secret of a great friend of mine Arty making his favorite dish. Make your Shabu Shabu at home, be happy and eat healthy. This dish is great to have with your date, quick and easy to make. Thank you Arty! Cheers!!!!

WHAT IS Shabu Shabu?

Shabu shabu is a Japanese hot pot similar tosukiyaki. Basically, thinly sliced meat and other ingredients are cooked in a skillet at the table. Meat for shabu shabu is thinner than that for sukiyaki. If it’s possible, ask a butcher to slice the tender part of beef into paper-thin slices. Diners swish a slice of meat in the boiling dashi soup, like having it swim in the soup. It’s said that the name, shabu shabu, came from this swishing action. It only need to be cooked for a few seconds.


3 inches dried kombu (kelp)

1 lb. hakusai (Chinese cabbage), chopped

1/4 lb. negi, diagonally and thinly sliced

1 block cotton tofu, cut into bite-size pieces

1 enoki mushroom, cut in half

1/4 lb. carrot, cut into thin round slices

1 1/2 lb. sirloin beef, very thinly sliced


Fill a deep electric pan or a medium skillet two-thirds full with water. Soak kombu in the water for 30 minutes. Arrange the ingredients on a large plate. Set the electric pan, ingredients, and serving bowls with dipping sauce at the table. Heat the water and remove the kombu just before the water comes to a boil. Put a slice of beef in the boiling soup and swish it gently for a few seconds. Eat the meat, dipping in the sauce. Skim off any foam or impurities (aku) that rise to the surface as you repeat cooking and eating meat. Add other ingredients in the boiling soup and simmer for a few minutes. Eat them dipping in the sauce as well.

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