Mariama secret of Green solution for dry, damage hair

Posted on November 19, 2011


You will be so surprise to what you can do with your kitchen ingredients!!!
WHen it come to products, I love  natural and organic  products and of course it all depend on which part of my body I am treating. For example my hair type is natural and dry, I am a black African woman and often some of the problems I face  is my hair breaking  from the front (my temple)and the back of my hair,  I try many products before and most of them didn’t solve my problems, then I finally found this product call Doctor Miracle and I started using it until all my problems was fix . Doctor Miracle is definitely a product I will recommend . But these days I am finding my self going back to the basic by using more natural and organics product for my hair and body. I am definitely back with my grand mother secret, I most say my African heritage. Back in the days in Africa women used to use natural hair care like Shea Butter and other natural oils for their hair, and they didn’t face any hair breakage, but of course the world was changing, so do African women, so they also start to use products that are sold in the market. Please don’t get me wrong ? I don’t have anything against good products that are out there, but I just prefer to keep it simple for myself and protect my hair against chemical. So now for my hair I use only natural products like, African Shea butter, organic olive oil and some of my secret essential oil that I will be sharing with you in the future, coconuts oil , carrot oil, ect.. I mean there is planty of natural oil that could  help your  hair if you thinking to go with natural ingredients, in this section I am also going to show you a quick tip of making your own hair products from home. Beauty always been for me a very interesting subject, therefore I am always doing  research about how to make great products, and believe me all the ingredients come from your kitchen.. My first hair tip for you will be a Preshampoo Hair Butter. I have  tried this on my   hair and it really work!!!

Green solution for dry, damage hair

Tips: Pure plant oils is the the best conditioner for dry hair, olive,  avocado, and fish oils will help keep hair healthy and shiny. Here is a recipe for a nutritious preshampoo conditioner that infuses your hair and scalp with much-needed moisture.

Mediterranean Garden Preshampoo Hair Butter

3 Tablespoon organic virgin olive oil

2 Tablespoon avocado oil

2 Tablespoon whole-wheat flour

1 Teaspoon organic spirulina extract

10,000 IU vitamin E

2 Drops lavender essential oil

2 Drops of bergamot essential oil

2 Drops chamomile essential oil

Yield 4 ounces

Use daily before shampooing for maximum results. This hair mask will last for one week of daily treatments.

1. Blend all ingredients in a small bowl, making sure the essential oils spread evenly.

2. Massage one tablespoon of the treatment into wet hair and scalp, concentrating on split ends and areas of itchiness. Leave on for ten minutes for  intensive conditioning.

3.Rinse throughly and shampoo as usual.

For hair that are breaking avoid blow-drying, it can damage the hair, causing split end. If you must blow-dry, make sure that your hair is throughly towel dried first. I will recommend to air dry it if you can.

Here is some the products I like

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