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Posted on December 8, 2010


What every women must have in their closet

I will like to share with you the secret of my closet. Please enjoyed this!

A great closet,is one with few outfit but you have to know how to rock it. You must be a smart shooper but way the minute, that’s not all, you also have  to know how to pul it out. Sometime we think looking great mean wearing expensives stuff or simply over doing our style. I will have to say noooooo to that and please, I will also like to explain myself? please fallow my few step, and I will guide you on what pieces you must have in your closet,and how to look in every occasion. i will even teach you how to look good and expensive without spending fortune for it, I will also teach you how to organized your closet and make your life easy. I am going to share with you my Secret closet in this topics I will also share with you  what to avoid when  putting together  an outfit. To learn about which Hair and makeup to go for, please visit my beauty tips  on my Blog . Are you now ready to learn? Take a deep breath is not that serious but I though it will be fun for we to do it together , are you ready , let’s go for it.


Every woman needs a little black dress to get you out of any type of fashion emergency. You can quickly dress it up with heels or dress down with relaxing shoes. A little black dress is one of the most important items in women closet. A great pair of dark jean that could make your but look good, great fitting T-Shirts in different colors,the more important colors (white,navy, gray and black) you could rock this colors at anytime in any season, but of course you could choose colors that work best for your complexion.This items are staple for every wardrobe, you need a business suit for any occasion that may arise. You also need a V-Neck sweater or Cashmere sweater (when choosing this sweater make sure you pick a high end good quality and long lasting sweater) my favorite sweater to wear is cashmere cardigan ether with a V-Neck or half buttons. I like to wear my cardigan with a dress shirt, dress shirts are also something i would recommend to you of course if you can afford it to wear it with your jean and cardigan to get the preppy look. Oh don’t forget to have a pair of sling back to rock with this items, trust me you cannot go wrong with this!!!


  • Having difficulties figuring out what goes with what?
  • Wasting more time and energy on deciding what to wear than taking a relaxing bath?
  • Falling into the same outfit combination?
  • Just feel that you have nothing to wear despite your stuffed closet
  • If you said yes to one or more  of the questions
  • discover simple outfit ideas on how to put together outfits while injecting some of your personal style!
  • Fallow this simple steps:

Organize, plan and then execute!

Organize Your Closet

All pieces should be visible and readily available to you. Having an organized wardrobe is very important when putting together an outfit. You should have an overview at your clothes and accessories, it give you a picture of what you have and don’t have in your wardrobe, it’s easier for you to mix and match.One of the best ways to organize your closet is to keep all of your tops together, followed by pants, jeans, skirts and dresses .Keep your shoes in one place. Tights and socks in a drawer. Jewelry on a stand or compartment drawer. Scarves and belts on racks. And then sort them by color.

Have a Shopping Plan

Without a shopping plan, you’ll keep going around in a loop about the way you feel about your wardrobe because your clothes aren’t in place and buy unnecessary clothes that you won’t be able to use because there nothing to match it with.

Now that you have learn how to organize your closet, it’s time to sit and rationally write down what you need and don’t need.

Create a wardrobe essential list in this list write every items you already have in your closet. Go through your  list and buy whatever is missing from your closet first before you indulge in other trendy pieces.Before we continued I want you know that style isn’t about the trends. It’s about reuniting fashion with your height, shape,skin, eye and hair color, personality and age!

List down what you don’t need. Ask yourself: Are there any pieces you have too many of? By too many I mean garments you have 3-4 of but you haven’t worn and that don’t get frequently used. These are unnecessary items that you need to make a clear statement of never to buy. When shopping make sure you know how many outfits you can pull of from one garment with what’s already in your closet.

Be Inspired and Create the Outfits

Now is time to execute those outfits. There isn’t any exact way on putting together clothes stylishly. Everyone have different styles and taste.Be creative with your outfit is about your own style, gut and feeling in what doesn’t work for you.

As long as you feel confident in something, you’ll look good. That’s why it’s super important to play up your best features and feeling comfortable when wearing clothes.

Where clothes that fit your body!

There Is nothing worse then seeing a beautiful women in a skin tight dress pant, breast hanging out, and the visible appearance of flab around the waist or back due to tight clothing. Looking slimmer is not about wearing more fitted clothing, clothing with breathing room are comfort, will not only make you look better but feel better too. classy women don’t let it hang it all out! if something in your wardrobe is too small but you love it, keep it until it does fit (maybe use it as a motivation) until you find something new.

Accessorize but don’t over do it!!!


Classy women look classy because they don’t overdo it. Wearing a great outfit or dress with a single ring, pair of small earrings and small neckless is fine. Wearing a suit with a ring on every finger,watch, bracelet,heavy makeup and hair in an elaborate clips,a belt, a scarf around the neck and bright shoes is overkill. Nobody knows how to look at first! when you get ready to leave the house, look into a full length mirror with your entire outfit including a hat and hand bangs if included. You often slowly start to strip a couple accessories away or tone down bold shoes and handbags. , remember simple is best, add one or two killer pieces that will have you feeling and getting compliments along the way.

Buy Quality Shoes that Last!!!

Buy Quality Shoes that Last –Always buy quality shoes that can last you 2-3%2B years. Ensure that they are a simple color and style, but more importantly that they have a good sole and heel lifts. Shoes aren’t made the way they used to be. They wear down quickly causing potential accidents as you glide across floors in those heels. The shoe repair shop will put great quality lifts on and it is inexpensive. Replace these every year or as needed with wear so that the heels of your shoes stay looking new. In addition, shine your shoes regularly and buy scuff removing solution. A great pair of shoes can look like trash when they have not been taken care of.

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