Are you the next African Fashionista?

Posted on December 8, 2010


Are you the next African Fashionista? tell me  more about you and why you think you are a                                                                                                                         fashionista!

Are you a Fashionista? If YES? Mariama is going to kiss and tell:) the world  about your uniqueness!!!

But wait the munite before you get excited Mariama will like to know what you got…

Fallow this simple step:

Send your story  To Mariama.

Tell Mariama why you think you are a Fashionista?

Sends your pics to mariama.

And have 100 people write a comment about you to convince Mariama.

Then you will be in the Hot Topics page of Mariama’s Blog and participate in Mariama’s next Show.

Then Mariama will kiss and tell your story to the world!!!!

Please Email me at:

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