Posted on October 26, 2010


Dear Readers,

Please feel free to suggest your ideas to Africaine blog. We want to showcase on our blog different part of Africa, the cultures and the people.

Please feel free to send us images of your village, your town, and your community including your beautiful culture, food dance and history.

Please share with us your though about Africa, your vision about African in the next 10 years. Share with us your vacation pictures and you can also suggest us to write about an African who inspire you and why and we will feature the person on our “what’s hot in Africa page”

We also feature African talents. If you are an African Model, Makeup Artist, Singer, Dancer, event planner, Actor, Movie director. Please send us your work and we will create a profile for you on our blog. We also write stories about African doing wonderful work around the planet, to encourage them and support their work.

Share with us your African lifestyle; how living is like in your community, the images of your Town, City, village, your country, your culture…Please feel free to send us this inquiries at

Remember to fallow us on Twitter, join our face book fan page and suggest us to your wonderful world!!!

Thank you so much again for Visiting Africaine Blog, we are grateful to have you as a supporter.  Stay in touch!


Africaine Blog Team!!!


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